Chika Kuwama, MD

Family Medicine in Edgewater, NJ

Chika Kuwama, MD

Chika Kuwama, MD, is an experienced family medicine specialist. She currently sees patients at Hibari Family Medical in Edgewater, New Jersey. 

Dr. Kuwama graduated from the Tokyo University School of Medicine. She trained in the internal medicine department at the University of Tokyo Hospital. After that, she worked at the former Social Insurance Central Hospital (now Tokyo Yamate Medical Center). 

After staying in New York for three and a half years, Dr. Kuwama worked at the Tokio Marine Building Clinic (Shinjuku/Marunouchi). After returning to New York, she completed the family medicine residency program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel - Hospitalists Program in New York City, New York. She became a board-certified physician by the American College of Family Medicine. 

Dr. Kuwama has been practicing as a family physician at Edgewater Family Care Center in New Jersey for the past 17 years. In September 2020, she was named director of Hibari Family Medical.

Dr. Kuwama is currently accepting both new and existing patients. She looks forward to treating you.